Atende ChainDoc

Digitization of private and public documents (electronic durable medium)

Switch to a paperless model thanks to blockchain technology

Based on the blockchain technology Atende created the ChainDoc solution.

This technology undeniably guarantees that the content, form and time of publication of the document remain unchanged. The ChainDoc is based on a private server network where only document hashes are saved.

Digitization of private documents

ChainDoc enables both correspondence of personalized documents to clients remotely as well as a whole range of solutions for digitizing processes of an enterprise.

Easy and fast communication for private documents

  • Sharing periodic documents
  • Confirmation of delivery, reading
  • Remote signing of contracts and applications
  • Expressing consents and statements
  • Client-side document upload with anti-malware protection

A branch without paper

  • Elimination of workflow of paper documents in branches
  • Digital signatures:
    - Text messages
    - Biometric on the tablet
    - Biometric blood system scanner
  • OCR (optical character recognition) for recognizing characters and whole texts in an image file and indexing documents
  • Ease of finding and viewing documents
  • Integration with internal document workflow systems

Digitization of public documents

The ChainDoc meets the challenge of communication with the customer through a durable medium, to which banks and financial institutions are obliged under the applicable law. Customers must have 24/7/365 access to the sent information, such as new pricing or table of fees, with a guarantee that they cannot be changed.

ChainDoc solution features

  • Durability of data and its unchangeable character
  • Regulated user access to documents
  • Data saved on various servers in the network
  • Document encryption
  • Flexible, service-based pricing model
  • Convenient API and integration (SSO with employee and customer portals, with ERP/CRM class systems)
  • All documents can be verified at NASK SA
  • POC can be launched on customer’s request

Key benefits of the ChainDoc solution


Significant savings due to the lack of costs of paper and ink, archiving paper, searching for paper documents, sending documents by letter, purchase of expensive machinery



Meeting the requirements for durable media - invariability of the content of the document, time stamping, no possibility of incidental or deliberate deletion of the document, notifications about documents to consumers



Easy access to data for all parties of the process, including after the relationship with a consumer



Simplicity of service and processes - quick access to documents, versioning of documents, elimination of intermediaries and unnecessary processes


Data security

High level of data security while protecting sensitive data, documents in the process are encrypted using cryptographic mechanisms, qualified outsourcing service,TIER 3 at Exea Data Center


Market opportunity

Enabling new sales channels, distance sales thanks to remote signing of contracts


Creating a modern image

By introducing a modern communication channel with clients, introducing modern services

Central Trusted Node

Industry Trusted Nodes

It is worth using the blockchain technology that strengthens cyber security. It is a foundation of the business.

Wiesław Łodzikowski
What is a durable medium?

A durable medium is a material or a tool that allows to store information unchanged for an appropriate period of time based on the nature of the information and the purpose for which the information was prepared. Thus, durable media are paper documents, CDs/DVDs, USB drives, hard drives, and memory cards.

The problem of the durable medium appeared when the OCCP (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) questioned the ways in which some banks provided their clients with documents via electronic banking systems. Until recently, it was thought that sending clients an e-mail with a link to a file on the bank’s server meets the durable media requirements. Today we know that this is not the case – customers are unable to determine whether the documents under the control of the bank will not change over time.

The need to provide documents in a manner consistent with the OCCP (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) requirements has led companies and institutions to search for alternative solutions to traditional media that generate too high costs of creating, storing, and transmitting information. WORM and blockchain arrays are the most popular solutions that meet the requirements of durable media. Atende, using blockchain technology, has developed a proprietary ChainDoc solution that guarantees the reliability and invariability of the information provided. WORM as a Service is its perfect complement.


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