Strategic assumptions of the Atende Capital Group

for the years 2018–2019

dr. hab. Roman Szwed - Prezes Zarządu ?Atende S.A.

We live in the era of common digitalisation. The digital transformation is becoming the key element of business strategies of companies. Business processes, and sometimes even the whole business models of companies, are subject to change.

As the Atende Group, we participate in these processes. We build the success of our clients with innovative IT solutions, but we too are subject to these evolutionary changes. The history of our company shows that we are able to efficiently “tame” technical novelties and that their introduction into the solutions we offer to our clients is a source of our competitive advantage.

We carefully observe the global trend of customers’ shifting focus from efficacy of the infrastructure to measurable quality of services supporting business. In the present reality, new technologies, e.g. cloud-based, drive demand for flexible models of IT consumption. Connected devices and the Internet of Things lead to more products being consumed in the form of services, which makes it possible to reduce the unit cost of the solutions offered, but also to enter entirely new and lasting relations with clients. We are determined to go in this direction, broadening our offering in the SaaS model and the modern payment model ‘pay as you go’.

In order to successfully carry out these plans, we need top competencies and proprietary, innovative solutions to which we can apply this operating model. We acknowledge the value of AI (artificial intelligence) technology, including machine learning. We are investing in software based on distributed registers, also known as blockchain. Based on our experience with smart grids, we are producing software for the Internet of Things. We are adjusting our offering to the increasingly visible market trends related to the development of mobile telecommunications and the approaching era of 5G network (internet network of the next generation), electromobility and fulfilment of IT needs without building one’s own infrastructure, which is being successfully replaced by professional services.

??We carry out the above assumptions in Atende S.A. as well as the other eight companies of the Capital Group, specialising first and foremost in delivering top quality services and software for the specific segments of the market.

The strategic assumptions presented here should lead the Atende Group to rapid development and bring measurable benefits to our shareholders in the form of further growth of the value of the shares. As always, the Management Board will make effort for the Company to share its increasing profits with the shareholders.

dr hab. Roman Szwed
President of the Management Board
Atende S.A.

Evaluation of the execution of the strategy for the years 2016–2017

Today, Atende is a Capital Group consisting of nine companies with a growing market potential. We consider the delivery status of our strategy for the years 2016–2017 as very good. The main strategic objectives were attained, despite unfavourable trends in the economic environment (among others in the energy and public sectors). The Group has strengthened its position on the market and in the key specialty areas. Our achievements were appreciated by the market with a significant (by around 50%) growth of the value of the shares in the period in question.

R&D works carried out in the last several years in the Group’s laboratories brought results in the form of innovative products and services adjusted to the needs of the ever changing market, which won us first achievements in foreign expansion.

The strong financial standing of Atende made it possible to invest in the expansion of the Group by acquiring a new entity. The strategy for the years 2016–2017 assumed that development would be funded with own means, potentially supported with debt; in fact, the Company used hardly any credits. The investment made in December 2016 to acquire shares in A2 Customer Care was financed with own funds. We have also managed to meet the strategic objective of paying significant dividends to our shareholders.

Year amount of dividend per 1 share total value of paid dividends dividend/net profit ratio for the previous year dividend/market value of shares ratio*
2012 0,07 zł 2544,0 tys. zł 46% 4,7%
2013 0,08 zł 2907,5 tys. zł 49% 5,6%
2014 0,15 zł 5451,5 tys. zł 48% 4,5%
2015 0,15 zł 5451,5 tys. zł 66% 6,5%
2016 0,18 zł 6541,8 tys. zł 66% 6,4%
2017 0,20 zł 7268,7 tys. zł 69% 3,8%

* as on the day of determination of the right to dividend

Vision, mission and values


1. Vision

To be the partner of first choice for companies and organisations requiring the highest standards of IT support.

2. Mission

To build the success of our clients through innovative IT solutions.

3. Values

  • top quality
  • ethics and responsibility
  • passion

Strategic objectives

The new strategy is a strategy for development, rapid growth, gaining new positions — especially thanks to a wider range of services, innovative software and the use of the Group's technological advantages — as well as for entering foreign markets. Expected growth of sales of permanent (subscription-based) services should bring the comfort of stable and predictable income. No credit encumbrance increases the Group’s potential to fulfil strategic objectives.

Maintaining and developing key areas of expertise

Atende will keep specialising in the execution of complex integration projects characterised by the highest level of technological complexity.

The subsidiaries will continue the development of their software systems for applications on specific markets in which they operate, using their experience and expanding the customer base.

Shifting offering towards subscription-based services

Atende will focus on the development of support and maintenance services and creation of new services, extending the scope of subscription-based services offered. The subsidiaries will pursue further growth of sales of their own services and products in the subscription model, assigning priority to sales of these services.

Development of proprietary software based on new technologies

We intend to significantly increase the share of sales of proprietary software and services based on this software in the Group's total revenue and margin. Most of the subsidiaries are already generating large portions of their financial results from this source.

Export of products and services with global potential

The domestic market will remain the main area of the Atende Group's operations in the coming years. However, the Group's unique products provide a basis for expanding operations to foreign markets.

Areas of strategic action

Integration with high added value

We intend to remain in the elite group of the best Polish partners to leading suppliers of hardware and software. Our main advantage is the ability to complete technologically difficult projects using unique, own competencies and proprietary software in addition to products developed at the Group’s laboratories. We will still focus on those undertakings where the quality of products, project management, timeliness of execution and reliability are the most desirable values.

Mobile telecommunications — packet networks

The extraordinary level of technological prowess and experience in construction and development of the Packet Core attained by Atende has led us to participate in nearly all such projects carried out by mobile operators in Poland. We are also embarking on first projects on foreign markets. At the beginning of this year in Atende, we have appointed the Mobile Solutions Department oriented towards the development of Atende’s product and service offering in respect of new technologies for operators of mobile telephony (e.g. 5G technology) in order to further strengthen Atende’s presence in this sector.

ICT outsourcing

We are striving to achieve a much bigger share of outsourcing services in the total sales of the Group. We adjust the level of service to the highest requirements of the client. Our outsourcing offering in respect of services of the HelpDesk type is complemented by Trust IT. Both in terms of technology and organisation, the company is ready to deliver services abroad — today it already manages foreign branches of a Polish company.

At the same time, we will keep providing support and maintenance services in collaboration with leading manufacturers of hardware and software, treating these services as a perfect source to increase subscription-based revenues.


We envision intensive development regarding implementation of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions as a partner of the leading, global manufacturers of technology (both infrastructure and software) as well as based on our proprietary solutions. On the basis of experience gained in the execution of a R+D project for the Ministry of National Defence, Atende is currently developing a system for protection of critical infrastructure called ‘Crimson’. Atende Software, on the other hand, is planning to reinforce the sales of the proprietary service redGuardian, which is based on an innovative concept and software preventing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Critical infrastructure — convergent systems

We intend to take advantage of the opportunities connected with rapid, global development of the market for convergent solutions. As one of the few companies in Poland, we successfully implement such solutions. These are integrated, pre-configured systems encompassing servers, mass storage, network devices and security systems. Projects often include technical infrastructure in the form of construction or expansion of data centres and are intended for operation of ITC critical infrastructure. We also wish to employ the competencies of our engineers, which are unique in Poland, to complete projects for companies and institutions in which it is necessary to hold certificates of right to access classified information, ensuring top IT security level.

Public administration — Modern Public Office software

Funds available under Regional Operational Programmes regarding e-administration create a favourable perspective for the next years on the market of regional and local self-government entities. Constant improvement of the software offered and creation of new e-services make it possible for Sputnik Software to deliver competitive advantages and build the leading position in this respect. Collaborating closely within the Group, we will also focus on searching for synergy of services provided by Sputnik Software with infrastructure services offered by Atende.

Healthcare — Medicus Online and CloudiMed

New legal requirements connected with the introduction of electronic medical documentation as well as systems for managing electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) and electronic referrals (e-referral) have a positive impact on the situation of the IT market in the medical sector and digitisation of healthcare entities. The regulation of the status of remote service provision or stricter control of trading in medicines and medical materials will require healthcare entities to adjust their IT systems. Atende Medica is ready to meet this demand and thanks to its closer cooperation with Atende it strengthens its potential for integration of the delivered infrastructure.

Innovative solutions and services of the Group

Media — redGalaxy CDN


Atende Software intends to maintain the leading position on the market, as far as providers of technology for internet TV in Poland are concerned. The company offers innovative and, at the same time, Poland’s biggest system of online distribution of multimedia content called redGalaxy, under which it offers a whole ecosystem of products and services connected with processing, publication and sales of multimedia content as well as advanced proprietary infrastructure and CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology. The services are provided in the subscription-based mode. The company has initiated intensive promotion of the solution on markets abroad.

New products using blockchain and AI technology

The directions of research and development of new software focus on practical solutions, quickly adaptable in business. One novelty in the Atende offering is a solution based on the blockchain technology — so-called durable medium for application in service providers’ (e.g. banks’) communication with their consumers. This product, called ChainDoc, is ready for implementation and offered in the subscription-based model. As early as 2018, we are planning to develop blockchain solutions for other sectors of the market.


Apart from using blockchain technology, the newly created Department of Innovation and Development of Atende conduct research on using AI techniques in analysis of data from IoT devices and in creation of prediction models. New products of Atende are, from the very inception, developed with their export potential in mind.

Sequoia — IT Services Quality Management and Managed Services offering


One of the projects which have a potential to become the driver of subscription-based sales is the IT services quality management system developed by Atende under the name ‘Sequoia’. The system is based on a combination of technical and organisational solutions in addition to advanced business consultancy. The system includes a prediction mechanism, thanks to which one can not only react to arising trouble, but also predict problems before they threaten the business; it is also possible to optimally adjust the IT environment to the growing needs of users. Services provided on the basis of the Sequoia system are strictly connected with the managed services offering, developed for several years now.

Solutions for smart grids

The Atende Group is developing an offering in respect of innovative technologies for smart grids: Atende Software — software for smart metering of grids, Energy Data Lab — analyses and management of demand for electricity, and Phoenix Systems — designing software defined smart meters on the basis of proprietary real-time operating system Phoenix RTOS. Comprehensive hardware-system projects of metering devices developed by the company have been implemented in Poland and abroad. We plan further development of the export of the solutions.

On the end of 2017, Atende Software closed its participation in an international R+D project, as a result of which we have developed a fully controllable distribution network of low and medium voltage at SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) level. Currently, the company is working on the project “” (co-financed under the Operational Programme Smart Development), the objective of which is to create a ready-for-implementation IT platform for management of energy clusters. New activities fit perfectly in the last promises of the Ministry of Energy that energy clusters should provide a mechanism to stabilise the participation of renewable energy sources in the energy system.

SMaCS for telecommunications operators


In response to rapid changes in technology and new scenarios developed by mobile operators in respect of their services, Atende is planning further rapid development of the proprietary SMaCS (Service Management and Charging System). We are currently carrying out development work oriented, among others, towards 5G network.

Software for Internet of Things based on Phoenix RTOS — global potential


Phoenix Systems brings to the market new, third version of the operating system Phoenix-RTOS, which supports functionality of devices of the Internet of Things. The previous version of the system was used in solutions for the energy sector: smart meters and data concentrators. Four years ago the company partnered up with an international manufacturer of microcontrollers for the Internet of Things — NXP. The currently developed version takes into consideration also the requirements of the aviation industry, in particular of drones manufacturers. Next, promising areas, where the Internet of Things will be applied broadly — in Poland and abroad — include transport, automotive, energy and healthcare.

e-Cars — proprietary software for electromobility


In response to the growing interest and needs of the market in respect of solutions for electromobility, A2 Customer Care offers software to manage electric car charging stations and collection of money for recharging. In the adopted business model, the system will be made available to operators of charging posts in the form of a subscription-based service.

Design of integrated circuits and electronic devices


OmniChip — a team of remarkable designers of electronic circuits, including large-scale integrated circuits — develops innovative hardware solutions which provide the basis for systems for the energy sector and the Internet of Things. The company will continue to develop integrated circuits design services for foreign contractors and to sell proprietary electronic devices.


The expected effect of the strategy described above is a sustainable combination of stable dividend policy with rational funding of initiatives oriented towards the growth of the Company’s value. We believe that keeping debt at a low level is the key to financial stability of the Company. We intend to fund only those undertakings — either in the form of development projects or acquisitions — which will in a short run bring strengthening of our market position and increase in the profits. In general, development will be financed with our own funds. If we decide to invest in a mature company, which may exceed the capacity of our own financing, it may be possible for us to obtain additional external funding for this purpose.


This presentation has been prepared solely for information purposes.

It is not an advertisement or an offer of securities in public circulation.

The presentation may contain forward-looking statements which pose an investment risk or a source of uncertainties and may considerably differ from factual results.

Atende S.A. shall not be held liable for the effects of decisions made on the basis of this presentation. All liability is borne solely by the user of this presentation.

The presentation is subject to protection pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act. Copying, publishing or dissemination of the presentation requires prior written consent of Atende S.A.

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