An end to lengthy, tedious meetings

Integrated communication technologies improve personnel efficiency by enabling organisation of meetings in any place, at any time


Video conferences & Unified Communications

The implementations of Unified Communications (UC) systems by our engineers, such as IP phone or Cisco WebEx, help our customers obtain better business results.

These systems help remove limits to communication using any device, in any location, i.e. a handset or a video conference system in the Board room. People on a team can literally cooperate whenever and wherever they want.


  • interactive meetings in real time with HD quality video
  • online storage space for files and information, including recordings of meetings
  • organisation of meetings using any compatible devices, including mobile devices
  • protection of legacy investments and integration with legacy software (e.g. Microsoft Office)
  • data security, reliable access from any location and no disruptions

Benefits of Unified Communications

  • cutting company operating costs thanks to using a Software as a Service model, including lower costs of travel, investment, equipment, licence and maintenance or activation of the service
  • improved personnel efficiency by enabling organisation of meetings in any place, and at any time
  • improved business processes and support of company development

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx, as implemented by Atende’s engineers, helps you achieve better business results thanks to internal company communication. People on a team can cooperate whenever and wherever they want. This technology enables personnel to improve the quality of meetings and cut the number of e-mails thanks to safe online storage and sharing space, which also lets the users track the activities and information associated with the meeting.


We have implemented Unified Communications which integrates all means of communication at the facility — chats, phone calls and video calls.



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