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Videoconferences & Unified Communications

Electronic communication plays an increasingly important role in people’s lives. Video is more often an integral part of it as well as sharing content. When choosing the appropriate solutions relating to office communication, mobility is the key aspect. This trend is a natural direction resulting from changes in the method of people’s work, the need for maximising performance, including limitation of costs and travel time. The aim of the available technology is to make our remote meetings and conversations similar to face-to-face communication. This is specifically important because according to specialists 70% of the message made through interpersonal and social communication comes from non-verbal communication!

Efficient, virtual equipment platforms and fast, broadband networks allow real-time transfer of high quality sound and image (FullHD/4K). And there is no need for making large investments relating to buying a system. A big selection of solutions is available as a cloud-based service. Those systems which are now called Unified Communications (UC) systems are a permanent part of the key business needs of a modern company.

Atende specialises in integration of UC solutions – from IP telephony and videoconference solutions to messengers, Contact Centers and call recording systems. As one of the few partners of Cisco, employing over 200 people in several offices in Poland, we use most of the products from the Unified Communication portfolio for our own needs so we know the products we implement very well. Experience in daily use makes it possible to note the numerous nuances relating to ergonomics of the solution, which is appreciated by our clients.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony is the key component of Cisco Unified Communications systems installed locally. Cisco Unified Communications Manager is a mandatory component that can be easily supplemented with further devices, applications and features. Cisco Unified Communications Manager enables to ensure the basic communication through IP telephones and/or applications for computers and mobile devices. Communication can be executed through a voice channel or video channel. A link with classic public telephone network is ensured through dedicated devices with ISDN interfaces or supporting telecommunications links in the SIP/H323 standard. Audio and video calls can also be executed through the Internet via SIP/H323 protocols.

Video communication – Cisco Telepresence

Cisco Telepresence is a combination of applications and servers with high-class terminals to execute video-conferences. Proper design of the conference network is of key importance for meeting participants. Important aspects include: proper installation of cameras, selection and installation of microphones or installation of proper lighting. A separate but equally an important issue is integration of Telepresence solutions with AV (Audio Video) elements, meaning the possibility of controlling the sources of presentation, projectors, monitors, etc. Telepresence systems can be integrated with building management systems and control lighting (e.g. automated dimming when the projector is switched on), air-conditioning, blinds, etc. The idea of such integration is simplicity and one common control point for conference room systems.

Webex solutions and group work

In design environments, where members of a team working on a given issue are in different locations, the key aspect is to ensure tools that would simplify exchange of information. Cloud-based solutions offered by Cisco Webex will be ideal for this task. They are always available, everywhere on any device. All you need is internet access on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Webex Teams is a chat platform, which also allows to share files, documents and complete video meetings. It is based on the concept of "persistent chat” so that the entire work history is always available. This is important especially when new people join the team.
  • Webex Meetings is a platform focusing on the best user experience when completing videoconference meetings, where multimedia content is shared (such as presentations, sheets or other documents). This solution can be perfectly integrated with Cisco Telepresence.
  • Webex Trainings is a platform dedicated to online training courses. It offers interesting possibilities of controlling user activity as well as the possibility of conducting examinations.
  • Webex Events is a platform dedicated to large meetings (several hundred people) hosted in the form of a lecture. The typical scenario assumes that the presenter shares content while user interaction is conducted through moderators and panellists who answer questions in real time on a chat.

Cisco Webex Hybrid Services

Cisco Webex Hybrid Services is a unique solution enabling to connect cloud-based solutions (e.g. Webex) with solutions installed locally. Due to the above, you will gain new possibilities such as planning Webex meetings using the Outlook calendar or logging into cloud-based services with the same password that is used to log into the computer. The Telepresence device calendar can be synchronised with Webex so that when someone wants to join a meeting from the video room, all that needs to be done is clicking on the green button “Join” on the video terminal. The exchange of chat messages between the cloud-based messenger (Webex Teams) and local messenger (Cisco Jabber) can take place through hybrid services, which allows to use one favourite application by the user who does not need to worry about what application is used by the message recipient.

Contact Center

Effective customer service through dedicated communications systems enables to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Contact Center Systems help with automation of numerous client/supplier interactions. They also make it possible for the supplier to personalise communication with the client by means of integration of the Contact Center system with CRM systems or other systems collecting data regarding the cooperation history. The available communication channels cover telephone calls, chat and email. Contact Center Express can work in two ways: it can manage customer enquiries and automate marketing activities through outgoing campaigns.

Phone call recording

Nearly all Contact Center systems require phone calls made by consultants to be recorded. This is often required by law. Atende has experience in this regard and for years it has been using QM Suite (previously CallREC) supplied by ZOOM International. The software can record calls from various telephone systems, including Cisco, Avaya, Genesys or Microsoft Skype for Business. Additional modules offer such features as analysis of recordings in terms of particular words (speech analytics) or supporting work planning of the contact center (workforce management).

The Art of Integration

The technology is supported by creativity that enables interesting solutions to be applied to problems faced by companies.

The interesting integrations we have implemented include:

Domofony firmy 2N Entryphones are a component of IP telephony system. Using the SIP protocol and LAN, calls from the entryphone are made directly to the IP telephone, for instance to the building reception desk. Due to the above, the reception can see who they are talking to and using one button on the IP telephone, the staff can open the door or parking gate. There is no need for developing a separate entryphone system and installing additional devices at the reception desk.

Intelix AppPack Applications supplied by a Polish company, Intelix, supplement the functionality with such components as billing system or group notification system (paging). Group notifications can be used in the case of building evacuation, etc. In such situations, IP telephones turn into devices notifying people about dangers with voice commands that are automatically played through the loud speaker and the appropriate information is displayed on the IP telephone.

TiM Provisioning firmy Aspiria In the case of large systems covering several thousand or more than ten thousand users, daily activities relating to system maintenance such as adding or removing phones, can be time consuming. TiM software links the AD/LDAP catalogue with the telephone system. It tracks changes in user accounts which makes it possible to make the appropriate modifications in the telephone system based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, fully automatically. Due to the above, the administrators do not have to perform tiring and repetitive work relating to updating the list of configured telephones but instead, they can work on the strategy of developing the system and launching new features.


Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx, as implemented by Atende’s engineers, helps you achieve better business results thanks to internal company communication. People on a team can cooperate whenever and wherever they want. This technology enables personnel to improve the quality of meetings and cut the number of e-mails thanks to safe online storage and sharing space, which also lets the users track the activities and information associated with the meeting.


We have implemented Unified Communications which integrates all means of communication at the facility — chats, phone calls and video calls.



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