The AMI project for Energa Operator is one of the first and largest implementations of Smart Metering in our region.


Smart Grid

Global efforts are being undertaken to implement the Smart Grid, a new generation of electric grids which are a combination of an energy distribution network and ICT.

Atende Software, a company of the Atende Capital Group, is one of the few companies in Central and Eastern Europe with practical experience in this area.

What is Smart Grid?

Smart Grid is a large-scale integration system for controlling energy generation, distribution, operational management of the power grid and continuity of supplies, management of the energy market, customer service and provision of new services to end customers, including services associated with home area network management.

Smart metering systems

The basic element of Smart Grid is Smart Metering, i.e. a metering infrastructure for remote metering of parameters associated with the flow of electricity and transferring data to the customer’s systems, e.g. home area network.


  • Lower costs
  • Communication between market participants
  • Use of distributed energy sources
  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Controlling the quality of supply
  • Better demand management

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