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For over 25 years Atende has been creating and maintaining solutions ensuring ICT security for the most demanding customers in the defence, telecommunications, energy and finance sectors. The offered solutions contain software for a broad analysis of threats – from network traffic analysis to endpoint protection. We offer ICT security audits, consultations on the choice of solutions (from the best global providers to own solutions of Atende Group), implementation by the best Polish engineers, monitoring and maintenance 24/7. Our engineers possess expertise, unique in Poland, in executing projects for companies and institutions in which it is necessary to hold certificates of right to access classified information, ensuring the highest level of IT security.


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Security management

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a system for security management that combines SIM (Security Information Management) and SEM (Security Event Management) functions. The basic principles of every SIEM system are to aggregate relevant data from multiple sources, identify anomalies and take appropriate actions. For example, once a possible problem is detected, SIEM can register additional information, generate an alert and instruct other security mechanisms to stop the event from escalating. On the most basic level, the SIEM system can be based on pre-defined static rules. It can also use a correlation engine and statistical data to analyse the relations between particular events reproduced in system logs. Advanced SIEM systems have evolved and now include UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics), analysis of risk level and security of IT systems, as well as SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation And Response). In its offer, Atende has SIEM solutions of IBM and Splunk.

Network security

Nowadays, the increasingly complex architecture of the computer network enables attackers to find and exploit security gaps more effectively. Attacks are becoming increasingly severe and difficult to detect. Such gaps can occur in many areas and general availability of mobile devices with Internet access additionally makes it difficult to control and protect company assets against digital threats. Managing network security is becoming a priority for every company. Network Security is a broad term encompassing many technologies, devices and processes. To put it simply, it is a collection of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability (CIA model) of computer networks and data by using both software (SDA, SDN) and hardware technologies. Atende offers a range of solutions protecting networks, among others, firewalls, IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), DDoS attack protection systems, including its own redGuardian system, and DNS (Domain Name System) protection.

Endpoint security

Endpoint security refers to the protection of a corporate network where access is obtained using devices (endpoints) such as computers, laptops and other wireless and mobile devices. Every device connected to the corporate network creates a possible point of entry for an attacker and is a potential source of security incidents. The traditional method of protecting endpoints are security systems consisting of anit-malware software placed on a centrally managed server together with customer software installed on each of the endpoints. Software protecting endpoints differs depending on the manufacturer, but most of the products available on the market perform basic functions and provide anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware and firewall protection. The leading manufacturers of solutions for endpoint protection offered by Atende are Trend Micro and Cisco.

Security as a Service (SaaS)

Security as a Service is best described as a model of outsourcing cibersecurity services provided in a cloud. Security as a Service means providing security services on a subscription basis, which may include, among others, protection of endpoints and devices, handling of security incidents, IT forensics and reporting. The services are becoming increasingly popular and play an ever greater role in strategies, they are also an element making it possible to ease the burden on internal security teams. An example of Security as a Service in our offer is redGuardian, effective protection against DDoS attacks. The service enables extremely efficient processing of network packages – over 100 million per second on a single PC server. This represents approx. 100 times higher efficiency than that achieved with the use of general purpose operating systems, e.g. Linux.

Security of the Internet of Things

The security of the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly important after several major incidents where IoT devices such as cameras, thermometers, fire detectors or light bulbs were used to infiltrate and attack corporate networks. Until now the security of the IoT has not been treated as a priority, mainly because the idea of IoT devices connected to corporate network resources is relatively new. Undoubtedly, IoT devices bring huge benefits to organisations, but at the same time, their growing importance combined with a lack of appropriate protection, is an additional threat. A significant increase in the number of IoT devices is the reason for, among others, massive DDoS attacks on companies. Of key importance from the point of view of a company is to have appropriate safeguards, procedures and a business continuity plan as well as to educate employees. In Atende’s offer, there is a range of solutions to meet these challenges, including our own anti-DDOS product called redGuardian. We also offer training courses on cibersecurity.

Data security

The security of data, especially of data that could provide a competitive advantage, should be one of the key areas of IT activities. Proper storage, management and protection of data are essential for the operation of every company. The loss of data may have serious consequences, not only financial, but also for a company’s image, often decisive for the company’s existence. Data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorised access and destruction throughout its life cycle. Data security includes, among others, data encryption, tokenisation, anonymisation and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Data security means also backups, i.e. creation of copies of data and files that will serve as backup copies should the original data be lost or damaged. Backup may also refer to the process of making copies for archival (historical) purposes, such as scientific research. Making backup copies may also be required by external regulations, especially those on storing financial data, call billings. There are various processes for making backup copies – from the simplest, i.e. full backup, to a full backup with incremental backups or differential backups. The difference between a differential and an incremental backup is that the differential backup saves data changed since the last full backup, and the incremental backup saves data changed since the first full backup. The management of the process of making backup copies requires good organisation and is a complex process, therefore, it is best to entrust it to companies experienced in creating backup policies. It is essential that the entire security ecosystem from network protection to endpoint protection supports the process of data security management. We offer comprehensive security audits and help in choosing the best solutions.

Atende Group’s own solutions

redGuardian – anti-DDoS

redGuardian is the first Polish anti-DDoS system of operator class.

redGuardian is offered in two models:
- in the service model, intended for institutions with their own IP addresses – uses the BGP to redirect incoming traffic to the global network of filter centers and stop attacks as close to the source as possible
- in the implementation model, intended for the ISP/Telco market, it makes it possible to protect the operator’s own network and the networks of its end customers with a dedicated platform with performance from several dozen to several hundred Gbit/sec.
The solution has been being developed by Atende Software, a subsidiary of Atende Group, since 2015 and has customers, among others, in the financial, public and telecommunications sectors.

As a Cisco Gold Partner we encourage you to take advantage of this Cisco's security solutions:


Cisco Cloud Web Security

Current network attacks are becoming increasingly severe and difficult to detect. General availability of mobile devices with Internet access additionally makes it difficult to control and protect company assets against digital threats. To deal with these challenges, Atende offers Cisco Cloud Web Security: a cloud service which guarantees business security in the age of cyber-attacks becoming more widespread.

Andrzej Chromiński
Solutions Architect IT at Atende

Words from an Atende expert

Thanks to Next Generation Firewall, the combination of innovative solutions which we offer, it is possible to increase the visibility of traffic at the network’s edge, making it easier to detect and block many attacks that are directed at the customer's network. These solutions are able to decipher movement at the right time to block it, without harm to the operation of the organization.


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