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Atende Software of the Atende Capital Group is a leading developer of software for internet-based television in Poland


Media sector

The biggest and most popular television networks in Poland have been using Atende’s solutions for distribution of multimedia content in Internet for years. Our technology is compatible with the latest global standards.

It enables quick launch of an internet-based TV service and distribution of full HD quality streams, both as VOD and live broadcasts, to an unlimited number of viewers. Atende Software’s qualified engineers will create dedicated CDN functionalities for our customers with ease. As a capital group, we can also offer network solutions and guarantee IT security to companies in the media sector.

Why internet TV?

  • efficient advertising medium
  • unlimited reach
  • high quality
  • easy to launch
  • low cost
  • security

We offer

Biggest CDN

We have built the biggest content distribution system in Poland serving thousands of simultaneous streams.

Proprietary technology

Our products and services are based on proprietary technology developed for a number of years. This is our advantage.


We support the biggest internet television providers in Poland: player.pl, tvn24.pl, ipla.tv, nc+ or mmtv.pl.

Przemysław Frasunek
Director of Multimedia Solutions and Systems Security Atende Software

Words from an Atende expert

For the last 10 years we have developed the biggest domestic content distribution network (CDN) based on our proprietary software. Every day, we handle traffic on the order of 250 Gb/s, which translates into hundreds of thousands of simultaneous streams, and our services are used by the most important internet television providers in Poland.

Specialised company of the Atende Group

Atende Software offers proprietary solutions enabling implementation of innovative multimedia transmission projects. On the basis of this proprietary platform, we provide services for supporting the entire process of publishing multimedia on the internet, starting from content acquisition, coding and description, through to sales, distribution and generating viewing rate reports. This applies to both VOD (Video On Demand) content, as well as live broadcasts.

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TVN Player online television

Currently, our redCDN content distribution system is used by all the video portals of TVN Group. In addition, we provide secure content storage in redCDN Storage, with transcoding into all target platforms and encoding using Playready DRM (redCDN Coder).

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