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IT systems integration

When designing and building a network infrastructure for customers, we select IT systems integration solutions to ensure the highest efficiency, reliability and secure communications.

We specialise in projects that require the highest level of security Our engineers possess the expertise, which is unique in Poland, in executing projects for companies and institutions in which it is necessary to hold certificates of right to access classified information.


Digital transformation is a game-changer in all industries. Companies need to win their customers in a more personalised and modern manner. IT cannot only keep pace with business activities, but it should also independently seek solutions needed for the implementation of new products and services. Therefore, a modern data centre should have high scalability, security and flexibility driving development and innovation. The virtualisation of computing resources is a standard solution in a modern data centre. In combination with automation, it enables efficient and fast introduction of changes in the IT environment, enhancing the security and the reliability of applications. For several years, we have been working with the leading providers of virtualisation of computing power, including but not limited to, VMware and Microsoft. We have completed many projects consisting of creating and migrating to modern, unified virtual environments.


Data is the basis for the effective operation of any, even smallest, company or institution. Proper storage, management and protection of data are essential for the activities of each company. Every day, we are creating hundreds of messages, documents, presentations, pictures and other content, which need more and more disk space. Considering the business requirements and the expectations towards mass storage solutions, Atende provides the best solutions in their class, which fit perfectly to the requirements of modern companies (we cooperate with Dell EMC, Hitachi Vantara, Fujitsu, NetApp, IBM). We implement and integrate disk resources by selecting solutions with appropriate performance, security and cost. We use both matrix-based proven solutions and disk resources using the Software-Defined model.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery

One of the key IT areas is ensuring the security of the data of an organisation and the continuity of its activities. Securing a constantly growing volume of data in organisations poses a major challenge for each IT Department. Data loss is a serious problem in the business of a company and, in extreme cases, it may determine its existence. Our solutions are focused on the services related to back-up and securing the data of our customers. We use proven and reliable technologies to meet each technical challenge and business expectation. The highest quality products and services tested by our engineers (Dell EMC, Commvault, Veritas, Hitachi Vantara, Fujitsu, NetApp, Quantum, IBM) help in managing the business continuity.

Converged and Hyperconverged Solutions

Technological developments in the field of networks, memory and servers have caused the need to change not only the data centre infrastructure but also to change the approach to its architecture. Traditional data centres, with predictable loads, structured data and dedicated access, are replaced by a new approach, necessary in the times of the digital economy. Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure becomes more and more important, providing computing power, disk space, network and software in a single, coherent component. This type of architecture enables the scalability and efficiency of the IT infrastructure to be increased while maintaining an attractive TCO. A converged or hyperconverged (HCI) platform may be ready within hours or days, and not weeks or months as in the traditional approach. The HCI architecture is provided as an integrated appliance-type platform, delivering the required computing power, mass storage system and network using the Software-Defined model. All these components are managed by a common console, providing unlimited scalability and flexibility. It is an excellent base for creating private and hybrid cloud solutions. Our technological partners in the area of converged and hyperconverged systems include Cisco, Dell EMC, and NetApp.






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