25 years of experience in network integration

Atende is the leading network and IT systems integrator in Poland.


IT systems integration


When designing and building network infrastructure for customers, we select IT systems integration solutions to ensure the highest efficiency, reliability and secure communications.

We specialise in projects that require the highest level of security Our engineers possess competencies, which are unique in Poland, in executing projects for companies and institutions in which it is necessary to hold certificates of right to access classified information.

What we do



We have been cooperating with the leading suppliers for over ten years, offering projects of heterogenic IT environment migration to the highest-class consolidated, unified virtual environment. Virtual environment supports effectiveness and limits costs of IT operation. The flexibility obtained, enables to reduce the number of necessary physical servers and simplify introduction of new changes to the production environment, among others.



We integrate disk arrays adjusted to customer needs in order to ensure appropriate data transfer, data security level and number of operations, to a given organisation. Mechanisms with such disk arrays as: deduplication, compression, snapshot copies or replication have become a standard.



Backup is one of the key areas related to ensuring the appropriate level of security at an organisation and continuity of application operation. The continuously growing data quantity at organisations is a huge challenge. Data loss may be a serious obstacle in the on-going activity of a company, and in extreme cases, it may decide its existence.



Infrastruktura konwergentna

Dostarczamy zintegrowane platformy sieciowo-systemowe do budowania chmury prywatnej.

Vblock: the first implementation on such a large scale in Poland

Atende supplied Vblock systems for two data processing centres for the Ministry of National Defence. It was the first implementation of this solution on such a large scale in Poland.

The Vblock systems supplied by VCE are a designed and tested high-availability architecture of the virtual environment for the new generation of data centres based on convergent infrastructure, best-in-class computing and network technologies as well as mass storage from industry leaders (Cisco, EMC and VMware). Due to the above, Vblock systems simplify all IT aspects. These systems provide a dynamic pool of resources for intelligent management to meet the dynamically variable needs and business capabilities.


We built the National ICT Network to handle the 112 (OST 112) emergency number – the most significant ICT project for the public sector in Poland, completed on time and within the planned budget. A modern, multi-service carrier-grade network was established, which is able to transmit data, voice and video, connecting more than 900 locations.



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