Top level electronic medicine

Experts from Atende Medica, a company of the Atende Group, know the healthcare market in Poland like the back of their hand



At the Atende Group we know the healthcare market in Poland like the back of our hand.

We know and understand the most serious challenges for hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctor’s offices and pharmacies as regards customer service and lowering the costs of operation. Our medical software, offered both in cloud or on a local server, facilitates the operation of medical facilities

  • improves medical and administrative procedures,
  • supports laboratory tests and image diagnostics,
  • enables effective settlements with the National Health Fund and with commercial units,
  • guarantees quick and easy processing of a growing amounts of data,
  • enables integration with Business Intelligence systems,
  • enables OLAP technology cost analysis.

Atende Medica experts

  • take over responsibility from the customer for the correct fulfilment of legal obligations associated with administration of information security
  • provide comprehensive legal services for healthcare facilities
  • conduct trainings and workshops for medical sector entities

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