ChainDoc: electronic durable medium based on the blockchain technology mechanism

Our solution ChainDoc is a guarantee of invariable publication of original documents on your website



Electronic durable medium

We offer the original ChainDoc product, which is a response to the problem of a durable medium in communication with the Customer

According to currently applicable law, banks and financial institutions have an obligation to hand documents over to their Customers on a durable medium. Customers must have 24/7 access to the sent information, such as new pricing or table of fees, with a guarantee that they cannot be changed.

To address this challenge, Atende has created a revolutionary solution: the ChainDoc, based on the blockchain technology mechanism — one of the most secure forms of data storage. Blockchain is a ‘chain of data blocks’, a decentralised register used to store and send information about transactions effected over the Internet. These transactions are put into order as subsequent data blocks, where every subsequent register block contains a reference to the previous one.

Transactions in the blockchain are irreversible and fully secured by complex encryption tools. It is impossible to make any changes to historical data due to the fact that the same copies of the whole chain are stored on different servers distributed around the network. The history of records in the database based on the blockchain technology can be reviewed and verified, which means that audits can be conducted and inspires greater trust.

The technology used makes it possible to determine definitively that the published document has not been changed and was published at the specified time and by the indicated institution.

Product characteristics

If you choose ChainDoc, you will benefit from the following:


  • a solution compliant with the EU and UOKiK requirements regarding durable media
  • low cost
  • quick implementation
  • ecological aspect: no use of paper, CDs/ DVDs, USB memory
  • security through the lack of e-mails with suspicious attachments
  • 24/7 technical support

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