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Our Capital Group offers proprietary applications: cloudiMed and Medicus On-Line. CloudiMed is an innovative solution for keeping medical records, gathering information and controlling information flow between healthcare facilities using a remote web platform.

Medicus On-Line is one of the few tools available on the Polish market which enables healthcare facilities to effectively settle accounts with the National Health Fund.


  • facilitates making patient appointments and directing them to appropriate doctor’s offices
  • can be used to gather the necessary medical records
  • enables ordering tests and creating electronic prescriptions
  • facilitates financial analyses
  • supplies medical statistics to make management easier

Why Medicus On-Line?

  • easy to use
  • quick to implement
  • effective settlements with the National Health Fund
  • comprehensive patient service and management of hospital, outpatient clinic and doctor’s office personnel
  • improved communication and management of parts of a hospital or outpatient clinic
  • system access on mobile devices
  • the system is integrated with an electronic signature and a barcode system

Specialised company of the Atende Group

Atende Medica

Atende Medica offers IT solutions for the healthcare sector, in particular for hospitals, outpatient clinics and doctors’ offices – both public and private. Proprietary Medicus On-Line product supports more than 20 hospitals in Poland.

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We have implemented innovative solutions allowing hospital staff to save precious time and limit the number of mistakes, e.g. while making scheduled appointments.



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