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Construction and fitting out of data centres

With more than 20 years of experience, Atende is one of the few companies on the Polish market with the competence and know-how required for designing a professional data centre as well as ensuing its deployment and maintenance support.

We offer comprehensive implementation of investment projects, tackling all the issues associated with the design and construction of data centres. Many years of presence on the market, references and strong relationships with manufacturers of process solutions for data centres ensure that Atende is a reliable partner with a proactive approach to cooperation and implementation of tasks. It is also worth remembering that we build data centres in line with standards, industry guidelines and good practices.

Why Atende?

  • we strive for greatness in identifying the customer’s needs and selecting the right solutions
  • our engineers have many years of experience
  • we provide a responsive support service available nationwide in Poland

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the main factors considered during the construction and upgrade of data centres because the cost of electricity is affected not only by the efficiency of the installed power supply and cooling equipment but also by the quality of cold and hot zones, etc. Data centres built by Atende guarantee high energy efficiency and enable operation of high power density equipment.


Thoroughness at every stage


At the initial stage of any data centre project, our engineers perform an audit, which involves checking the power supply and air conditioning systems for compliance with applicable technical, legal and organisational standards. Then, we review the documents concerning faults and problem reports as well as the energy efficiency of the available infrastructure. The whole process ends with a detailed audit report.


When designing a data centre, we factor in the investor’s requirements and the possibility of their implementation. Next, we create detailed documentation, starting from the solution concept, all the way to construction design and working design.


Atende employs globally recognised methods for project management during the construction of data centres. We cooperate with trusted construction, power industry, piping and IT contractors, which guarantees completion of the project on time and without problems. We take responsibility for the completion of the entire project.


Our technical support department for data centre infrastructure is the biggest in Poland. Our top class engineers are available to provide assistance and advice on a 24/7 basis.

Piotr Smereczniak
Department of Design Infrastructure Data Centres

Words from an Atende expert

In our data centres, we use innovative free cooling systems which utilise external air temperature for the cooling process. Free cooling lets you produce chilled water without using cooling compressors. And that’s the element which gives the largest energy savings, from 20% up to 75%.


We have created a large production area which enables the customer to further extend their IT infrastructure in an energy-efficient manner.



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