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We help develop your company by offering cutting-edge, secure cloud services, coupled with a comprehensive portfolio of implementation and management services.

Atende Business Cloud is a solution dedicated to companies which need top quality; the solution created and supplied by the most experienced engineers in Poland. Unlike big, global companies which offer public cloud services, we offer commitmentmeasured by high quality and specific people dedicated to react to individual needs of customers.

What we do?


Application hosting

application hosting charged for real consumption of resources



backup data centre ensuring business security and continuity of company’s operations


Platforms for www services

reliable, scalable platforms for your website or e-commerce for smooth support of up to millions of users


Test and development environments

automated and flexible test and development environments available on request

Why Atende?

  • support and access to the best team of engineers
  • the highest level of data security
  • data stored in the territory of Poland
  • unmatched 24/7 support
  • guaranteed continuous operation
Paweł Pętlicki
Director of Cloud Services

Words from an Atende expert

Atende Business Cloud comprises services that go way beyond a simple hosting cloud. Our offer is based on full dedication of our team and close cooperation with customers. This makes us a trusted service provider.

For a number of years now Atende has enjoyed the status of Cisco Gold partner for the IT technologies we implement. See below our combined offer for cloud services: Wi-Fi network management, Unified Communications tools, IT security and energy consumption management for data centres and offices.

Case study: WOŚP

For a number of years now Atende has been the technology partner for Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy [The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation]. During the annual WOŚP Final event the Foundation page gets the most visits. Handling such heavy traffic is quite a challenge.


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