Atende Software with a new product to protect against DDoS attacks


Atende Software, an Atende Group company, began providing redGuardian service, whose task is to protect against DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service).

redGuardian is a cloud service offered by subscription. Thanks to a global network of centres filtering the most important Internet traffic exchange points, DDoS attacks are stopped as close to their source as possible. An integral part of the service is the management panel for individual design and implementation of the security policy. The service is intended for public institutions, financial institutions, e-commerce and telecommunications operators.

– Through the development of proprietary software to process hundreds of millions of packets per second, we can protect our customers from the largest attacks observed in the world today with a volume of up to several hundred gigabits per second. redGuardian is the service that perfectly complements content distribution services offered for several years under the brand name redCDN – says Przemysław Frasunek, Head of Security Systems at Atende Software.

redGuardian service is now available to customers via the site