Current Report No. 3/2020

Current Report No. 3/2020 — 24.03.2020 17:28

Information on establishment of revaluation write-downs

The Management Board of Atende S.A. (the ′Company′, ′Issuer′) hereby reports that the analyses carried out within the Atende Capital Group financial asset impairment testing procedure as at December 31st, 2019 have ended on March 24th, 2020. The analyses carried out demonstrate that the shares held in the Issuer’s subsidiary, Atende Medica sp. z o.o., were impaired.

As a result, on the same day the Management Board of the Company decided to establish revaluation write-downs for these assets in the amount of PLN 3,148 thousand, which will affect the Issuer’s unit net result for 2019.

The revaluation write-down at Atende Medica is non-monetary and does not affect the liquidity of the Company and its Capital Group.

At the same time the Company reports that works on the preparation of the annual unit and annual consolidated financial statements for the financial year ended on December 31st, 2019 are pending and subject to review by a statutory auditor.

Legal basis: Article 17 (1) of MAR (Market Abuse Regulation) – confidential information