Roman Szwed: portfolio of Atende Group companies for 2016

Roman Szwed, President of the Management Board of Atende, presents the portfolio of Group companies, most developed segments, development and diversification strategy for the companies, and assesses the results for the first quarter of 2016.

Roman Szwed: energy sector must be smart

Technological innovations are forced upon us not only by EU regulations, but also by everyday life which is based on dynamically growing power consumption and trends such as the Internet of Things or electric cars. Smart grids are necessary in today’s world — he emphasises.

POWER RING 2015: interview with Andrzej Słodczyk

About ICT development priorities in the modern energy sector and smart grid.

3rd Low-Carbon Economy Forum: interview with Roman Szwed

Practical experience in implementing innovation — that’s the current picture of Atende

Roman Szwed: Polish concept of a low carbon economy

Part of Roman Szwed’s speech made at the conference focusing on the Polish energy sector of the future.

Atende at Power Ring 2014: interview with Roman Szwed

The future of power industry was discussed during this year’s Power Ring 2014.

Atende will attempt to win contracts for software in the energy sector

Modern energy sector cannot exist without IT — argues Roman Szwed, President of Atende.

Atende in Inwestor TV: interview with Roman Szwed

In an episode of “High-End Companies” [“Spółki z Wyższej Półki”], Roman Szwed presented the history of his company’s development and transformations and described its current business profile.

Atende at Power Ring 2013: interview with Paweł Pisarczyk

The future of energy industry was discussed during this year’s Power Ring 2013. Paweł Pisarczyk, Atende Software CEO was interviewed on this subject.

Atende S.A. at Power Ring 2013: interview with Roman Szwed

At this year’s Power Ring conference, Atende S.A. CEO, Roman Szwed, talked about the Group’s current projects and the influence of IT on the development of Polish and foreign power industry.

Atende — The latest technologies for WOŚP

Krzysztof Dobies (Press spokesman at WOŚP) talks about the influence of technology on the organisation of WOŚP. In case of such a massive charity project, fund raising and keeping in touch with people would be difficult without technology.

Atende — WOŚP 2013, Jerzy Owsiak talked about the latest technologies

Atende S.A. participated in Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy in 2013. In this video, Jerzy Owsiak talks about the organisation, people’s needs, the nature of work at the Foundation, as well as logistics and “technological backbone” of the event.