Press Releases

  • 14.12.2018

    First e-referral in Poland issued thanks to Atende Medica

    On Wednesday, 12 December just before 6 pm, on the P1 platform, there was a historic, first in Po-land, e-referral. The electronic document was issued by a medical...

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  • 12.12.2018

    Atende Co-authors First PIIT Block-chain Technology Report

    On Monday, 10 December, the report titled “Block-chain in Poland. Opportunities and Applications”, drawn up by the Polish Chamber of IT and Telecommunications,...

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  • 01.12.2018

    Atende and Dimension Data Polska Place Only Bid in OST 112 Development Police Tender

    The bid of Dimension Data Polska sp. z .o.o. (consortium leader) and Atende S.A. (consortium member) with the gross value of PLN 54.4 million was the only offer...

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  • 28.11.2018

    New Atende's office in Koneser

    Atende has transferred to the new premises in Warsaw, in Centrum Praskie Koneser. This is a modern complex of cultural and leisure facilities, and office and housing...

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  • 16.11.2018

    Atende results: excellent Q3

    Both in the 3rd quarter and during three quarters of 2018, the Atende Group performed significantly better than in the corresponding periods of the previous year....

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  • 21.09.2018

    Results for H1: increase in gross profit by 18%, better sales in parent company and subsidiaries, and innovative projects

    H1 saw the Atende Group generate consolidated income from sales at the level of PLN 114,660, i.e. 23% better than in the same period last year. Therefore, the Group...

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  • 11.09.2018

    Pioneering implementation of block-chain in the public sector

    Atende has signed a contract related to one of the first Polish implementations of durable medium solutions based on the blockchain technology. The decision on the...

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  • 10.08.2018

    Poland’s first real estate transaction based on the block-chain technology provided by Atende

    In August 2018, ShareSpace, a Polish startup providing innovative technological solutions to tenants in the scope of rapid access and management of the process of...

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  • 12.07.2018

    40-percentage increase in sales in the mobile sector

    In view of the dynamic increase in internet traffic, the needs of mobile operators are growing. Atende S.A., as a long term technological partner of the biggest...

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  • 18.05.2018

    Growth of income in Q1 2018 in Atende Group, increase of margin on sales of subscrip-tions, profit at similar level

    In the first quarter of 2018, in comparison with the results from the first quarter of the previous year, the Atende Group achieved much better revenue; the operating...

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