The beginnings

Atende’s roots date back to the turn of September and October 1991, when the Department of Advanced Computer Systems was established as a separate business unit within the company Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjne ATM (PP ATM). Roman Szwed, a researcher at the Physics Department of the University of Warsaw, was appointed its head.

PP ATM, with its roots back in 1987, included several independent, individual business units. Avionics Department was the most important one. It was a very successful manufacturer of aircraft flight recorders. Another unit was the PC Computer Department, producing personal computers. The company was then one of the largest manufacturers of personal computers in Poland.

Distribution of Silicon Graphics computers

The newly created Department of Advanced Computer Systems became a distributor for Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), a global leader in computer graphics and high performance computing servers. The department developed quickly, soon absorbed the PC Computer Department and was a precursor of the future ATM computer company.

Pioneer of the internet in Poland

PP ATM was the first commercial company in Poland to be connected to the world wide web as early as late 1991. It was also the first company in Poland to provide web-based services under the IKP brand (Internet Komercyjny w Polsce – Commercial Internet in Poland). The fact that there was actually a plan to share internet competence with Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. [national Polish telecom operator] and to create a joint service range for the Polish market could serve as the proof for the scale of innovativeness of ATM. The plans changed but ATM has always been one of the leaders of development of internet services in Poland.


Establishment of ATM S.A.

At the beginning of 1994, the Department of Advanced Computer Systems became a separate legal entity under the name of ATM Sp. z o.o. and gradually evolved from a distributor into a systems integrator, while also becoming a distributor for many leading ICT infrastructure and software companies. Within a few years the department built a partner network of about 30 companies (so-called VARs: Value Added Resellers), providing specialist systems for designing (CAD/CAM), mathematical modelling, management of maps (GIS), television post-production, scientific computing, etc. As one of its project related to computer graphics, the company equipped Polsat TV with a complete digital production line for the presentation of weather forecast, which at that time was an absolute novelty.

Science and supercomputers

At the end of 1994, the company installed the first supercomputer in the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre, the first computer in Polish history to enter the Dongarra’s List as one of the world’s 500 largest computer systems. It was a computer by SGI. During several consecutive years, ATM S.A. supplied similar computer systems to most national centres of High Performance Computers and became the leading supplier of supercomputers for science in Poland. These computers enabled research institutions to perform complex calculations and model the course of natural phenomena.


First big integration projects

The first large integration contract awarded to ATM was the computerisation project implemented at the Ministry of the Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry (ME) at the turn of 1995 and 1996, co-funded by the World Bank. ATM equipped the ME building with structured cabling, access control systems, alarm systems, servers and graphic workstations, and in terms of software – with databases, GIS and centralised cooperative work system. This was a truly unique project for the company because it led to a successful combination of multiple topic areas and work of different subcontractors.

Corporate networks and cooperation with Fore Systems

ATM was increasingly successful in the area of advanced computer networks, in particular in ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology, unknown at the time in Poland, mainly in cooperation with the market leader in the field – Fore Systems. In 1996, ATM completed the first implementation of WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) in Poland and built an ATM-based corporate network including data and voice integration in the Power Distribution Company for Radom and Kielce Region. Since then, the technology became widespread among telecom operators and dispersed corporations.

Beginnings of Pionier scientific network

In 1997, ATM co-initiated (together with the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre – PSNC) and developed a wide area network, based on ATM technology, that connected academic centres in Poznań, Gdańsk and Łódź. The network became a seed of the Academic Broadband Network POL-34, which further evolved into the Nationwide Optical Network Pionier, which to this day forms the platform for scientific research and development in the area of computing, telecommunications and services for information society.

Operator networks and cooperation with Cisco Systems

Since the end of 1990s, supplying solutions for telecommunication operators has been our main area of operation. ATM has served all types of operators — mobile, stationary and cable television. ATM has participated in the qualitative transformation that was experienced by mobile operators when they moved from traditional, voice-oriented transmission to a broadband, packet-based network. Cisco Systems became our main technological partner. Atende’s range of products is complemented by proprietary SMaCS (Service Management and Charging System) software, a platform for managing added value services in IP networks.

First virtual studio

In 1997, the company designed and implemented for TVP the first virtual studio in Poland, which was unique in the use of heads for transmission of movement of television cameras to the computer. Interestingly, these heads were initially designed for use in combat helicopters and were made by ATM’s sister company — PP ATM.

Computerisation of Ministry of Justice

A project that was special in many ways involved equipping the Kompleks Urbanistyczny Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości (Judiciary Building) at the Krasińskich Square in Warsaw. At the turn of 1999 and 2000, ATM supplied servers, network hardware and applications required by the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal in Warsaw and the headquarters of the then newly established Institute of National Remembrance. The company had to integrate the solutions of around 30 subcontractors selected in separate tenders, and implement 8 separate large application systems to handle the institutions located there. The project was a great success and lasted just over a year.


Grand entrance into the 21st century

In 2001, we started offering broadband web access services under the ATMAN brand name. ATM became one of the first companies in Poland to offer broadband services using proprietary fibre optic network. In time, broadband services were supplemented with collocation services and ATMAN became the biggest provider of such services in Poland. That way, ATM started to expand its telecom operations in parallel with the IT business.


GPW (Warsaw Stock Exchange) debut

In September 2004, ATM debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw. Entering the Stock Exchange resulted in a larger scale of operations and raised the company’s credibility. At the peak moment, the increase in capitalisation on ATM stocks in relation to the debut exceeded 800%!

First Polish online television — iTVP

From 2003 to 2005, ATM participated in a consortium with academic institutions led by Cyfronet from Kraków aiming to provide a system for making audio-visual signal available online; the project was implemented for Telewizja Polska, and was widely known as “iTVP”. The experience gained during the implementation of the system resulted in the development of our proprietary suite of products and services, which are still being developed by Atende Software. Currently, the company is the operator of the biggest Internet multimedia content delivery network (CDN) in Central and Eastern Europe.

Acquisition of KLK Sp. z o.o.

In 2006, ATM assumed a majority ownership in Katowice-based KLK, which resulted in the addition of data centre building technologies to ATM’s offer. KLK was established in 1988 and was the biggest regional integrator at that time. The company specialised in building computer networks and uninterrupted power supply systems. It also pursued innovations: as early as 1991, the company created its first Ethernet computer network, and built Poland’s first radio-based non-packet computer network a year later. As of 1991, KLK had been working in partnership with APC (now part of Schneider Electric). KLK’s good reputation was confirmed by the fact that APC contracted it, as the only partner in the world, to perform pre-production testing of new products. Atende in its present form was created by the merger between KLK and the IT part of ATM and, as such, is the heir to the competencies of the both companies.

The first Polish installation of a VoIP exchange

In 2008, KLK implemented one of Europe’s first VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) operator switches for Kompania Węglowa on the basis of Cisco Systems’ technology. Unified Communications products still constitute an important area of our competence.


Division of ATM

From 2001, ATM’s systems integration and telecommunications were complementary, and the telecommunications, at first just an extra field of operation as compared with integration activities, actually became the dominant type of operation for the company. Each of these segments of operation required different resources and different approaches to management. The two activities also hindered winning new customers for each other. Due to the above, a decision was made to seperate IT system integration operations to a new business unit: ATM Systemy Informatyczne S.A. (ATM SI), in 2009. ATM SI (later renamed to Atende) took over the resources previously associated with system integration, while still operating within the ATM Group.

OST 112 emergency number

In January 2010, ATM launched the largest project in its history, the construction of the National Broadband Network to handle the 112 emergency number (OST 112). ATM used subcontractors to provide telecommunications links, with all works associated with the construction and start-up of the national network completed by ATM SI. – the most significant ICT project for the public sector in Poland, completed on time and within the planned budget. A modern, multi-service operator-class network was established, which is able to transmit data, voice and video, connecting more than 900 locations.

Construction of the largest complex of data centers

From 2010 to 2011, ATM SI built and supplied equipment for the F3 building located within the ATMAN Data Center — the biggest telecommunications campus in Poland. It is more than 2.2 thousand square metres of technologically excellent collocation space, designed and implemented to meet the highest requirements. During the following years, the company implemented large scale and cutting edge investments (e.g. Thinx Poland, F4 and F5 buildings).


ATM SI floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) and name change to Atende

In 2012, the division of ATM was complete, whereby IT activities were taken over by ATM Systemy Informatyczne (present name: Atende S.A.) and telecommunications activities stayed with ATM S.A. In this way, the capital group was divided into two new groups, each of them listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. After the split, the ATM SI capital group, which changed its name to Atende in 2013, included the following subsidiaries engaged in ICT sector activities: Atende Software Sp. z o.o. (previously ATM Software Sp. z o.o.), Sputnik Software Sp. z o.o. and Impulsy Sp. z o.o.


New chapter in history

Since the end of 2013, Atende has been actively expanding its service portfolio by acquiring new companies. Phoenix Systems, a specialist company developing innovative software, and TrustIT, a cutting edge IT outsourcing services provider, joined the Group. Acquisition of shares in Textus Virtualis and merger with Impulsy led to the establishment of Atende Medica, which offers the latest IT solutions for healthcare. 

Atende is all about repeatable services

Atende has been one of the pioneer IT companies in Poland to offer comprehensive ICT outsourcing and cloud computing services as early as 2007. Since 2013, Atende has been actively developing cloud computing services under the brand name Atende Business Cloud, focusing on the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model. This offer is addressed to business customers with high requirements. Atende Software remains the Group’s leader in cloud computing services, and supplies proprietary Internet multimedia content distribution platform using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.


New area of specilization – energy industry

In recent years, energy industry became another key market sector, next to telecommunications, for Atende Capital Group. Atende supplies advanced telecommunications and database infrastructure. Atende Software’s power grid systems’ measurement software is our flagship product. The Group also supplies world-leading software and measurement instrument solutions for Smart Grids. At the end of 2014, Phoenix Systems of the Atende Group obtained certification for the Phoenix-PRIME communication protocol for power networks. Phoenix Systems was among only 5 companies worldwide to be certified. Projects completed for customers such as Energa-Operator serve as proof of our expertise.


Unique competence: designing integrated circuits

In 2015, the Group acquired OmniChip, a designer of electronic systems, including large-scale integration circuits.


Big Data for energy industry

Another acquisition took place at the end of 2016. Atende acquired Energy Data Lab, a company specialising in Big Data technology analyses for the power sector. The future of Polish energy industry is increasingly dependent on consistent implementation of the latest IT technologies. The business objective of Energy Data Lab of the Atende Group is to help customers manage the continuously growing amounts of data from modern measurement systems with the company’s solutions, providing customers with the added value of tools for raising customer loyalty, promoting energy efficiency, energy demand management and optimisation of sales processes.


Client management solutions

In 2017 a new company, A2 Customer Care (A2CC), began operation within the Atende Group. The company's focus is consulting, implementation and development of IT products streamlining client management based on advanced software. A2CC initiated complex projects in the gas industry based on SAP for Utilities and SAP Hybris Billing. The new company also constitutes an important step in building Atende Group’s presence in the electromobility market. A2 Customer Care eCars software supports e-mobility IT infrastructure management and billing.


Creating the future with new technologies

At present, Atende Group comprises eight companies. We intend to remain the market leader in our main fields of expertise, carrying out complex projects for demanding clients  – in sectors such as telecommunications and uniformed services – as well as develop new business lines. We will intensify our efforts in the production of proprietary products and software offered via a monthly subscription model. Thanks to globally unique products developed in our laboratories, we are positioned to plan an extension of our Group’s offer outside of Poland. Expansion to global markets is becoming one of our strategic goals.